Sunday 16 March 2014

Sewing roll ready for my hols

Well, I have to do something with my hands over the summer, probably a lot of hexies as my machine will be in storage :( so I thought I'd better make something to keep all my bits in.


I have used those lush floral fabrics I found at work, together with another favourite, John Louden's Linen-look cottons, I do love how the dark grey shows off the florals so well on the outside!

So I have six pockets in all for paper templates, cut pieces of fabric, cottons, needle packs and scissors, a little pincushion (so I'm not sticking pins into relatives/friends' armchairs), a felt pad to hold pins and needles, and then a long pocket for a pencil and the trusty unpicker, looks like I'm all set!


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