Friday 2 May 2014

A good pummelling!

It's been a long wait, but I've finally had a proper Thai massage, and although it hurt like hell at the time, I do feel incredibly relaxed, how these petite ladies put so much strength into their thumbs is beyond me! A whole hour of being bent in the 'wrong' directions, cost me all of £5.00! Absolute bargain, I wonder where I can get similar at home...

Other than that, we haven't really been up to much, other than trying to get a bit of a tan without burning, not easy... Drinking the local beer, and eating, and eating, and eating! Here are some more picks to get the tastbuds tingling...

We think this tilapia, grilled on an open fire at one of the night markets, it was stunning.

And this is the night market round the corner from our hotel, it's so lovely to see people with their families come out, pick what they want from the numerous stalls, grab a Leo and sit and watch the evening go by. Obviously the warm temperature adds to the joy.

This was another market, where we had grilled pork, ribs and sticky rice...

The stallholders pack them in these sweet little bags, together with a bag of sauce, and you can just nibble away, such an easy way to eat!

When we do go to a restaurant, you have to get used to your dishes just coming out when they're ready, some small places only have the one wok I think, so they serve them when they're done, which does make it difficult when you want to take a photo of your meal!

Here we have Thai noodles, minced duck with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic and chilli, chicken fried rice, grilled pork and sea bass with celery.

I've also been playing with my new app Quiltography, and now Doughty's have put some new linen look cottons from John Louden online, this is what I've come up with so far, a bit minimalist, with maybe a japanese look?

There are also some gorgeous elephant designs, aren't these sweet!



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