Monday 13 July 2015

Sunday Stash #11 – Cider & Fabric

This weekend Hereford held its annual Beer on the Wye Festival, and of course we just had to go, even though its now over 200miles away! As well as some gorgeous beers, particularly an American Pale Ale… there were over 100 ciders and Perrys, most of them made locally. I didn’t manage all of them, but I had a good try! My favourite had to be Weston’s Rhubarb cider, amazing!

Before all this drinking fun however, I indulged in a little fabric fun at Doughty’s – I’d seen these greys online a while ago, and managed to stop myself buying the lot from the website, but when I saw them in person the battle was lost and I gave in. These beauties are from the Flitsy range from John Louden (surprise surprise!) – there are more in the range which I’m sure I’ll end up buying at the Festival of Quilts next month. I’m sure Doughty’s only ask me to work for them knowing I’m going to spend most of my wages on their fabric! 

Mind you, they’re not wrong, and I have a feeling I will be adding to my next purchase quite soon. I have a new love… Riley Blake. These bicycles are so sweet, and with a whole range of co-ordinates and other super cute ranges, there’s no point in even trying to resist!

Now a quick shop update… I have released my sixth quilt pattern, Side to Side, a clever little pattern that will have your friends guessing for ages, it certainly took me a while to work it out! This design uses just two templates, a jewel and a triangle, which with clever placement, creates this zigzag pattern across the quilt. I used some fabrics in my stash from the Je Ne Sais Quoi range, but I think this quilt would also look equally as effective in solid colours.

This pattern, together with five more, is available in both PDF format (£5.95, Etsy) and in Paper format (£6.95, Folksy).

Thank you for stopping by, your comments are always welcome. If you're looking for more fun and inspiration, why not pop over to Molli Sparkles' Sunday Stash link-up? 


  1. Hi Louisa: sounds like you had a great weekend. I really miss English cider... it's something I can never properly explain to people who haven't tried it. Neither Australians nor Americans are big cider drinkers, which is strange, when you consider that it was all that homemade cider that led to the temperance movement, that eventually resulted (very much later) in prohibition. This is me in half-arsed historian mode.

    I'm completely confused by your quilt. Does it have a ton of y-seams? Either way, I love it.

    This bicycles are incredibly cute. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

    1. Hi Jane Victoria, thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I don't think we saw any cider when we were over in Australia, weird isn't it? You'd think in similar climates apples would be really popular, expecially in NZ. And thanks for the half-arsed education, I really didn't know that :)

      No, no Y-seams anywhere, its a jewel shape with a triangles sewn on the end to make it a diamond, which are then sewn into rows. The PDF version is availble in my Etsy shop if you fancy a go. x

  2. Mmmmm cider... we are going through a bit of a cider phase here too :) Lucky you went fabric shopping before the drinking! haha... love the bicycles!

    1. haha, yes, i was very sensible that day... but then went back the day after for a few more haby bits and bobs... still quite constrained for me though!


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