Friday 8 July 2016

Folksy Friday!

A couple of posts ago I talked about Folksy - the UK's online marketplace for modern British craft. As a longtime seller on this great website, I have seen it grow over the years, and there are now more makers and crafters on there than ever before. So as sellers, we think we need to share more of our wonderful items with the world. Etsy has #TreasuryTuesday, so we're having #FolksyFriday!

My aim is to share a collection of items with your every Friday, roughly based on a theme, or maybe goodies that I have just caught my eye. If anything tempts you, then please click on their link and go explore their shop... if you like or share, this would be greatly appreciate.. you never know, you may just find the perfect gift you wouldn't find anywhere else...

Let's start with squirrels.... My mum has this very pesky squirrel living in her garden, if he's not eating all the bird food, (yes, I'm calling it a 'him') then he's digging up mum's freshly sown plants! That's not to mention the things she finds buried all round the garden.. last year she caught him burying a Cadbury's Creme Egg in a window box! So I thought I'd dedicate my first #FolksyFriday to this little critter, as even though he does drive her mad, I think mum would miss him if he wasn't there!

1. Squirrel with Acorn Papercut - The Tartan Boston, £22.50 
2. Squirrel Bunting - The Owlery , £15.00
3. Squirrel Clock Dancing Mole, £30.00
4. Pair of Red Squirrel Brooches - Jessie Growden Design, £25.00
5. Edge of the Woods Tiny Squirrel Necklace - Claire Gent, £29.95
6. Squirrel in the Hawthorn Handpulled Linocut - LittleRamStudio, £38.00
7. Squirrel Dress There’s Only One Amy Laws, £60.00
8. Grey Squirrel Wool Socks - Fir Tree Knitwear, £25.00
9. Red Squirrel Photographic Print - PM Photography, £4.50

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