Thursday 25 January 2018

Pre-Cut Party Patterns Now Available

As you may know, I offer a free pattern inspired by my love of quilting pre-cuts, to my Newsletter subscribers every month. After 14 months of patterns, I've been wondering what I should do with them once they've gone out, and have decided to offer them for sale.

I already offer my other quilt patterns as PDFs on Etsy as there were complicated VAT/Europe reasons why I couldn't offer them on my own website - or so I thought until a friend told me about PayHip. I'm not going to bore you with VAT details, but basically, someone in Europe has decided that those people who are making a fortune (I wish) through offering downloadable products are getting away with not paying any tax... or not enough tax anyway.. so in their infinite wisdom, instead of charging tax of the country where the PDF file originates, in my case the UK, they would charge tax through the country of the buyer, and that the seller would be responsible to recouping this tax and personally sending it to the relevant country... absolutely barmy I know, which is why you'll find many US pattern sellers not offering downloads to Europe.

Anyway, up to now, good old Etsy has been the only company who have offered to sort all this VATMOSS out for us confused sellers, which of course has meant having an Etsy shop and taking people away from my own website. However, now Payhip is thankfully offering the same service which means that when you click on any of the Pre-Cut Party patterns, you'll be taken to the product's Payhip page to place payment and download the PDF - couldn't be easier, phew!

So if you love quilting pre-cuts as much as I do, click here to see the collection so far - better yet, click here to subscribe to the Newsletter and receive a free pattern every month straight to your inbox!

Meanwhile, on the making front, I've been developing my curved EPP shapes, and I'm currently working on two 'secret' projects - I think I've finally found a love of fussy-cut EPP!!

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  1. The minds of Government! Congrats on finding a way around it though. I never thought I'd fall in love with EPP until a few years ago! I love it!

  2. Welcome fellow Payhip shop - good to see you there! I do wish they had a homepage to search for items though. Supposedly they're thinking about that. Otherwise, it's so easy to work with them - congrats!


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