Friday 17 January 2014

Foundation piecing cracked at last

I am really enjoying my membership to Craftsy at the moment, and have finally cracked foundation piecing with the help of Carol Doak's fantastic class. I did find the folding, cutting and pressing a little labouring at first, but after seeing the results, I can appreciate the length of time it takes to finish a block. So on goes my latest Audible book - a Jack Ryan thriller - and away we go!


This block is called Mariner's Delight Compass Star, and is constructed in eight separate sections, then sewing together along the diagonals to make four quarters which are then sewn to create the one block. And I just had to use some of my gorgeous feed sack fabrics on white!

Now where to next is the question... Definitely a stash buster project I think! And maybe an attempt at designing my own foundation designs.


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