Friday 27 March 2020

Finding Calm

Wow, how the world has changed since my last blog post! From excitement for the year ahead with new shows and projects to look forward to, to a feeling of loss, fear and confusion that, to be honest, I'm struggling to get my head around. How can this have happened so damn fast!? 

As a mainly online business, working from home or alone at my unit isn't really any different for me, but it breaks my heart to hear about other business owners fearing for their survival. Us sole trader entrepreneurs have taken that leap to follow our dreams and have worked so hard to make it work - to see it all come to an end through no fault of our own, is just killing me. Many of us don't have back up funds in the bank, let alone any profit as it is all ploughed back into the growth of the business.

Anyway, enough with the worry and stress I tell myself, there's nothing I can do about it other than keeping going as best as I can, support other businesses where I can, and to help my customers in the best possible way. I am very fortunate to be in an industry that can offer amazing help to people at this unsettling time, as we all know sewing and craft can bring great calm and relief in times of stress, and we have never needed it more. 

It has been said that us quilters have been preparing for this our entire crafting lives and this is the perfect time to hit the stash, so if you are looking for inspiration, I have a number of free patterns on the website, including the All Squared Up quilt, and my Curved EPP Flower Cushion for those lovers of hand sewing. Click here to see the collection.

So far I have found hand sewing to be my saviour, together with an engrossing audible book really helps to switch off the world for a while and just concentrate on one thing. Which is why I have a new EPP Diamond Cushion kit out, this one features lovely soft blues and greys from Makower's Bloom collection. The kit includes all the fabric you need for the front, pre-cut papers and full instructions. I am also offering 15% off all EPP Cushion kits to my Newsletter subscribers, so if you need a project you can lose yourself in, why not sign up now and treat yourself to some sewing sanity. Once you have subscribed and received the verification email, the discount code will be in the final Welcome email.

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I really wish you all the best of health, stay inside as much as possible and look after each other. xx