Hi, I'm Louisa Goult and I love to quilt! I must have been in my teens when I made my first quilt, and if I remember rightly, I designed it myself even back then! One Christmas, my mum got me these two books, The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques, and How to Design and Make Your Own Quilts, both by Katherine Guerrier, and I’ve never looked back. Mind you, back then I was using cardboards templates and scissors – how mad is that! I had a break from crafting during my Uni years and my first job, but returned with full enthusiasm in my early Thirties following a round-the-world trip where my love of quilting was reignited by magazine-shopping in Australia.

By this time, the quilting industry had already changed so much – I suppose the most amazing development was the invention of the rotary cutter, mat and ruler – truly amazing – how on earth I managed to make a quilt before I owned these, I just don’t know! I started making quilts for family and friends, and babies of friends and found much of my inspiration from the internet, something else that didn’t exist when I started.

A few years back, I was lucky enough to get a job working for Doughty’s, a lovely family-run quilting shop in Hereford. At that time, Doughty’s weren’t holding quilting classes, and I don’t think a day passed without someone coming in wanting to learn to quilt but having no where to go.  So I decided to develop a Beginner’s Quilt, with easy-to-follow instructions, and hands-on help for the customer to choose their fabrics. I loved this process, and loved it even more when the customer would come in with their first quilt, looking for their next project!

I have now left Doughty’s and even though I miss it dearly, I know its time for me to do my own thing! As well as a helping hand for the beginner, I want this website to inspire those who have moved on from the beginner stage and want to develop their skills. There will be lots more free patterns, tutorials on different techniques, with regular blogs on all the latest news from the quilting world.

For something to be going on with, here are a few of my makes...

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  1. Hi Louisa, you left me a very nice email on my blog today and you are a no-reply blogger so I had to take time to look you up and say thank you! I couldn't find an email addy on your blog either. I agree with everything you said!! Happy Holidays!


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