Tuesday 19 August 2014

What a fortnight!

Just when I didn't think life could get any busier, the Festival of Quilts comes along. Because I love Doughty's so much, when I left the shop, I promised to come back to do the show with them, and I enjoyed every second, though my feet are still recovering.

As Doughty's have sooo many stands, we spent two days setting up four of them, then the next four days cutting and selling fabric to lots of lovely quilters and sewers. I must admit, I have missed talking to customers about their quilting projects, and it was especially nice to see customers from Hereford who came to say hello.

We decided to incorporate moving our worldly belongings from storage in Hereford to Middlesbrough with doing the NEC, so we had our own van, it was all very complicated in the end, but it worked! This is us building the cut pieces stand, just one of the four!


As you can imagine we don't really get much of a chance to walk around the show quilts, but I did manage to snap a few, probably on the way to the loo! I was very impressed with this beautiful pictorial quilt, if memory serves, I think it won the best in it's category. The quilting is sublime.



One of my favs, Phillippa Naylor, achieved another win with this beauty.


These are a few more that caught me eye...

The last one of Amsterdam is lovely!

Sunday was a very late night, unloading vans til after midnight, then on Monday we loaded our own van with the rest of our 'stuff' and headed back up north.

And now the next chapter of our lives begins, we got the keys to our new flat on the Thursday, which meant getting yet another van on Friday and moving all our stuff yet again, but this time, into our own place! And what's more, I have my own workroom!!!


While I have enjoyed unpacking everything out of storage boxes, and finding a place of it all, it has completely shocked me the amount of stuff I actually own! I really am going to have to use some of this stash, get the hang of scrappy quilts, and stop collecting every piece of spare wadding!

So workroom all set, bring on the quilting!



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