Thursday 9 October 2014

Introducing... Sewmotion

As some of you know, this has been in the works for quite a while now, but I feel I have developed the new website enough now to share it with the world!

Sewmotion is replacing Handmade By Louisa, and I intend for it to be a resource for those new to quilting, as well as the more experienced. While working at Doughty's in Hereford, I came across so many people wanting to learn to quilt, but who didn't find the American accents on YouTube very inspiring. So now I'm free to work on my own business, I want to be able to share the knowledge I seem to have picked up over the years... I still can't believe I wrote nearly 1,000 words on wadding the other day, where did that come from?!

So, on Sewmotion, you will find a breakdown on the basic equipment you will need to start you off on your quilting journey, as well as some tips on other products along the way. You will also find my Beginner's Quilt series, this is something I started in the shop, but I've developed it further and I hope it will encourage more people to pick up this amazing (and addictive) hobby.

In the near future there will be lots more free quilt patterns to help develop skills, sections on different techniques and lots of inspiration in my gallery section. There is a long way to go though, so please be patient with me!

In the meantime, as my walking foot decided to crumble in my hands yesterday, I have had the chance to complete some items to sell! Yeah! I have decided for now not to have a shop on my website, but to sell through Folksy - if you haven't visited this website, then you must. Similar to Etsy, they pride themselves on only selling handmade items, and some of the lovingly crafted items on sale are truly beautiful. Plus, its British and deserves our support just for that really!

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