Sunday 5 April 2015

Sunday Stash #5 - A New Toy!

I had been struggling with what to feature this week as I'd run out of 'new' fabrics, though of course I haven't even started on my main stash as yet! So I started pulling out some favourites, and found it quite theraputic trying out different fabrics together to photograph, I do love putting colours together!

I know many people share my love of 1930s prints, so I thougt I'd concentrate on those today, these red and yellows are just crying out to be put together in a cute whimsy quilt. In fact I'm sure I've made a quilt top in this fabrics... but can I find it!!?!

The second pic is from a collection I bought on a trip to the US a few years ago when we were in Boston and drove up to the beautiful Cape Cod. On the way there just happened to be a wonderful quilt shop in Barnstaple I think it was. I'm not sure these fabrics actually go together, but then again, the 1930s prints do lend themselves well to scrappy quilts.

While I was pondering on today's blog, to my joy the doorbell went and Royal Mail delivered my new toy, not bad on an Easter weekend! Now, as you may know, I used to work at Doughty's fabric shop in Hereford. Well, right next door were Parrs Sewing Machines, a family business specialising in selling sewing machines as well as fixing and maintaining them - there is nothing Shirley Parr doesn't know about a machine! In recent years however, they have been working on a new system to help us quilters who love free motion quilting, but just can't quite invisage getting a longarm anytime soon. So Shirley and Bruce came up with the Reel Ruler system which includes a foot, which fits most sewing machines, that sits inside of their slotted rulers, of which there are many!

When I was in Austin I had a go on a Gammill... wow! And I finally understood the use of rulers in free-motion quilting, though on the longarms they use solid shapes for the foot to run around the outside. With the Reel Ruler, the foot runs along the inside of the ruler giving you more control on a domestic machine. This is the idea anyway... I'm planning on spending the rest of today playing with different designs. If it really is as easy as Shirley makes it look in her videos, I can see me investing in their whole collection! Watch this space...

I should add, Parrs Sewing Machines is no longer in Hereford, due to the popularity and demand of the Reel Ruler they are nowing travelling far and wide (including the US) to spread the word, and by all accounts they're going down very well indeed! Contact details are on their website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this all looks very intriguing. I couldn't get the video link to work but found the video on YouTube. I'm in NZ and so not sure if they have reached over here yet! My friends and I are doing a FMQ class with a long armer but using our domestic machines. I will share this info with them this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you found my blog useful! I know Parrs have been asked to visit your side of the world, but not sure if they have any plans as yet. I'm sure they would post international in any case. I'm enjoying using the ruler, I just need more practice with my free motion rhythm! You class sounds great! Good luck :)


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