Wednesday 5 February 2014

Celebrating the big 40 in Iceland

So we're here after a wonderful weekend of family and close friends, wine and good food. It's a bit cold in Iceland, as you would expect, but the scenery is amazing. Hubby gets a bit trigger happy with the camera, so I thought I'd just share a few our sights so far....

Reykjavik is in a bay on the west coast of the island, so you get amazing views of the mountains towards the north. As you can probably tell, these pics were taken at different times of the day!

We do enjoy walking around a new town, with no real route in mind. To escape the rain, we spent a while in the Harpa Concert Hall, a very modern glass cube-like building, and guess what... There were hexagons!! I loved the way the shapes on the glass walls and the mirrored ceilings changed depending on where you stood.

Off to the north tomorrow, hoping to see the Northern Lights... Watch this space!


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