Sunday 9 February 2014

Yeah! We saw the lights!

As I may have mentioned, my lovely Jus has taken me to Iceland to see the Northern Lights for my 40th. Having spent a couple of rainy cloudy days in Reykjavik, we then flew up north, having read that the best place to see the Northern Lights was further north. However, arriving in Akureyri we found snow, and more and more fell as we were there. Our first night out in search of Aurora was fruitless, and as part of the deal, the companies who arrange the tours promise that if you don't have any luck the first night, you can go out again the following night and try again.

Waking up the next day under two foot of snow, we decided to stay in the warmth and get drunk, rather an expensive evening, but worth it! :)

So, back down to Reykjavik for our last night, where the forecast looked much more promising, so we decided to give it one last chance... And we're so happy we did!

One fact about this beautiful phenomenon is that you really can't see all this colour with the naked eye, and the only way to capture so much colour is by using a good camera with a long exposure so that as much light gets into the lens as possible, which then captures these magnificent patterns in the sky.

Then they started dancing....

Even though the bright moon was a hindrance, as it was producing too much light, I do love the effect with the clouds and the starry night.

And then this happened....

On a soppy note, I am so happy and grateful to have had such an amazing birthday, to friends and family who came up for the weekend, for such an unforgettable trip to see the Northern Lights, and for a very clever Justin who took these amazing photos, thank you all very much. Xx



  1. oh my goodness! Hunted you down via a comment on my own blog and sure am glad - what beautiful photos! I can only dream of seeing such beauty and I had no idea you could not see them with the naked eye!! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Birthday!!


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