Sunday 5 July 2015

Sunday Stash #10 - Thread

I thought I’d talk about another kind of stash this week… thread. As sewers we all know how sometimes our collection of spools can get nearly as silly as our fabrics! But how should we store them? Like many I would love a wall of wooden pins sticking out for each reel to sit on, then I could easily find the right colour for my project. However, lack of space means I’ve had to find an alternative.

I used to have them in a wicker basket, which worked for a while, but I would have to turf them all out to find a colour, and then they soon became unwound and tied up with each other – a right mess!

On a recent visit to my mum’s, I ventured into the cellar, my late dad’s domain. Now, dad was a bit of a hoarder to say the least. Not like useless stuff no one would want, but intriguing stuff that made you wonder “where on earth did he find that?” Dad was amazing, he could turn his hand to anything, the ultimate DIYer, from re-wiring the whole house, to building a veranda, to keeping his trusty old Renault 12 going for 21 years – myth has it that there’s a ‘spare’ Renault engine in the cellar somewhere, just in case he needed it…

Anyway, I digress… on my rummaging, I came across these two large glass jars, and immediately thought “threads!!” Covered in dust and the odd spider, we gave them a good clean and they now sit on my windowsill full of my colourful gems, next to my button jars. They also remind me of my dad, which is nice… until I then remember he was a science teacher – and these large specimen jars may have held something altogether more yucky…  urgh!

How do you store your threads?

On another note, now my nephew has received his quilt (I think he liked it), I can release my latest pattern, Cross My Heart. I mentioned this quilt last week in my tutorial on speedy chain-piecing – this pattern includes fabric requirements, full colour cutting and piecing instructions and a colour layout plan. The PDF is available from my Etsy shop, while the Paper pattern is available in my Folksy shop.

For more quilting love and inspiration, pop over to Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash link-up. Or some mid-week fun, why not visit Let's Bee Social over at Sew Fresh Quilts.


  1. Ooo such a clever storage idea! I'm sure formaldehyde doesn't affect cotton thread...

  2. Your Dad sounds Wonderful Louisa! The jars of threads and buttons make great eye candy for sure!

  3. Your beautiful jars make mine look boring. So I think I might keep an eye out for some fancy ones rather than using my boring coffee jars. Then I could display them.

    1. I do also like the kilner type jars, I planned to get some large ones from Ikea until I saw these :)

  4. I am sentimental to the core and this is a fantastic way to store threads. I have an antique pincushion that was passed on to me from my grandmother... it was her grandmother's, and it means the world to me! I have a wooden peg board to store my threads, but I am not happpy with it and would love to move towards a drawer organization.

  5. When I get enough thread to call a stash, I will remember this!!!! They look beautiful!


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